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Module 1: Introduction to Career Services and Self-Assessment

Would you like to schedule an appointment to meet/talk with your Career Consultant?

❶Avoid lengthy sentences or paragraphs and focus on concise, impactful statements.

Section 2: Commonly Asked Questions by Heinz College Students

Entry requirements for all CMU-A programs (except global)
Entry Requirements Table For International Students
Section 1: Staffing and Available Resources

Doing research independently is also a great way to discover potential career paths. Yes, this is definitely possible! There will be plenty of opportunities to connect with Heinz College alumni throughout the academic year. You can find out how to do so during orientation and during our networking workshops.

Your career advisor can help you prepare for interviews when you schedule a mock interview appointment. We will ask you interview questions, provide feedback on your responses, and answer any questions you may have about the interviewing process as a whole. Through Handshake, you can also access Big Interview. This is a great resource you can use to improve your interviewing skills as well. Once the semester begins, check Handshake on a regular basis for new jobs and career-related events as well as the Heinz Campus Groups website.

In addition, your career advisor will be sending you updates via email about any upcoming career events on campus.

Email Kelly George, Recruitment Coordinator, at kgeorge1 andrew. Your password will be reset. During the appropriate times, we collaborate with the Office of International Education. There are also workshops that take place during the academic year to assist with the paperwork process for any necessary work authorization as an international student. Although career services can help answer some questions in these areas, it is highly advisable that you direct these concerns to the Office of International Education.

For contact information and FAQs, please visit their website at http: Congratulations on making it through the first module of Career Academy! All you have to do now is take this short quiz, and wait patiently for Module 2 to be released. Click here to access the Module 1 Quiz. Click here to take the self-assessment. Introduction to Career Services and Self-Assessment. Staffing and Available Resources. Get in touch with your career advisor Career Services staff members are located in the basement of Hamburg Hall.

Upon admission, you will receive more details about this process. Students who have accepted the offer of admission will be contacted by the Office of Admissions regarding the verification process prior to the start of their first semester.

Professional Work Experience The month track requires 3 or more years of professional work experience. The month track does not require any work experience. The test is free of charge. The topics include basic algebra, calculus and statistics calculations. Submit your online application. CMU-A admissions team will then get back to you with the instructions on how to take the test. For every score you wish to include with your application, you must submit the official score report s via the testing service.

Note that the only required information is the exam date. We will not verify scores for exam dates that are not listed on your application. If you do not have a copy of your score report when you submit your online application, please email a copy of your score report to us admissions australia.

Uploading or sending a copy of your score report does not replace the requirement of ordering an official report from the testing service, but it may help us verify your scores more quickly. Video Interview Optional You may complete a video interview with your application for admission.

Video Interview We are happy to now offer an automated, online video interview to all applicants as a preferred alternative to submitting the optional video essay, particularly for non-native speakers of English.

Here is what you can expect if you complete the video interview: You will first receive instructions and the system will help you ensure that your computer is set up correctly to begin the interview. You will then have a chance to answer two randomised practice questions an unlimited number of times to become comfortable with the system.

Immediately after responding to each practice question, you will have a chance to watch your practice video. Your practice videos will not be saved nor will they be sent to Carnegie Mellon University. When you begin the actual interview, you will be asked three 3 randomised questions. After you see and hear the question, you will have 20 seconds to think about your answer. After the preparation time ends, your computer will automatically begin to record your answer. You will have 60 seconds to provide each answer.

You will have only one chance to answer each question. You will not be able to pause the interview after it starts. A writing sample can be important for some positions and not very important for others.

The writing sample requirement is most common with writing intensive jobs such as consulting, publishing, research, journalism, content development, public relations, etc. When considering which writing sample to use, think quality and content. Make sure that the style, content, spelling and grammar are your best.

For instance, a paper that was well liked by a faculty member and further edited often makes an excellent sample for submission. Similarly, a published article or blog post might be another good option. When selecting or writing a sample, it is important to align your styling and content to the kind of writing required by your target job. Just make sure the piece reflects your strongest writing by having it reviewed by other professionals in the field or your professors.

Writing samples are not always requested by employers, but if one is requested, be certain to follow any guidelines provided by the employer. If you would like to use a segment from a longer paper, make sure that the segment can be read on its own, without the rest of the paper. It might be a good idea to label the segment similar to this: Introduction and conclusion from a page thesis entitled "A Sample of a Writing Samples: Is This a Good Sample?

Writing samples can be requested a number of ways. Sometimes you will submit the sample with your resume and cover letter or you may be asked to bring in a sample to the interview. If you are asked to bring a sample in, print several copies to give to each interviewer. Please find the link to the module 2 quiz here. If you have not yet completed the self-assessment survey , please do so. Remember, once you begin the quiz, you may not restart or retake it. Additionally, please be sure to upload the most recent and updated copy of your resume.

If you have any questions, please contact heinz-career-academy andrew. Responsible for organizing events With this bullet point, it is not clear what tasks the candidate actually completed. Emphasize what you have done, do not simply list your job duties.

Show results, and quantify. Use numbers, percentages, frequency, volume, etc. Be relevant — mention the specific skills you have to do the job. Use action verbs to describe your work. Limit length to one page or two pages.

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Resume & Cover Letter. Writing cover letters and building resumes can be stressful. Do your research before you begin and pick up some best practices to make your resume and cover letter get noticed. CMU Students: build your resume using our Optimal Resume Service. Attend an Advising & Career Center workshop on Resumes Cover Letters & Interviewing Review our Nuts and Bolts handout and the sample resumes provided in above section.

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Search CMU Heinz Search. Search CMU Heinz Heinz College's Career Services advisors are willing to help with any of these and can offer tips and suggestions for how to make your documents the best they can be! concise, and honest. The letter should expand upon the resume and add personal flavor—you don’t want to sound robotic. . Learn about career openings and available positions with Canton Municipal Utilities (CMU) in Canton, MS.